Planned Locations

First phase of sites – more sites to be announced Spring 2021

Cowick Hill

Site Reference: 1
Address: Cowick Hill
Post Code: EX2 9NQ
Charging Bays: 4

Howell Road

Site Reference: 2
Address: 52 Howell Road
Post Code: EX4 4HA
Charging Bays: 4

Kinnerton Way

Site Reference: 3
Address: 69 Kinnerton Way
Post Code: EX4 2BL
Charging Bays: 4

Whipton Lane

Site Reference: 4
Address: 10 Whipton Lane
Post Code: EX1 3BR
Charging Bays: 4

Barrack Road

Site Reference: 5
Address: Barrack Road
Post Code: EX2 5EB
Charging Bays: 4

St. Leonards Road

Site Reference: 6
Address: 31 St. Leonards Road
Post Code: EX2 4LR
Charging Bays: 4

Belmont Road

Site Reference: 7
Address: Belmont Road
Post Code: EX1 2HF
Charging Bays: 4

Langaton Lane

Site Reference: 8
Address: 8 Langaton Lane
Post Code: EX1 3SP
Charging Bays: 4

Haven Road

Site Reference: 9
Address: 58 Haven Road
Post Code: EX2 8DA
Charging Bays: 4

Hanover Road

Site Reference: 10
Address: Hanover Road
Post Code: EX1 2TL
Charging Bays: 4